Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are marrying

Ellen Portia

The California Supreme Court announced yesterday that they were lifting the ban on gay marriages. Following this historical announcement, Ellen DeGeneres wanted everyone to notice her so she announced on her show that she’s marrying Portia de Rossi.

Just last week, Ellen told Star that Portia is “a great partner. And I mean that in every area. She is fun to hang out with, fun to talk to, fun to travel with. We’re going to Europe this summer for a few weeks. It’s our first time there together, and we’re very excited.”

Unfortunately for you, still banned in California are marriages to your dollies. Maybe you and Barbie were never meant to be together. You god damn weirdo.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole

Ellen is the clown of the dyke world! You can bet she walks into the bed room sporting huge clown shoes and a strap on that looks like a candy cane.
Alas, there’s a reason many people fear clowns (and dykes):
After a bad day on the set, she’ll turn from happy clown-dyke to scary clown. Busts out the vamp fangs and starts biting Portia’s clit all the while cunt punching her…in the end her chitlins look like boiled bloody tripe.

…and no one has a second help of that…

Lovely Rita
Lovely Rita

ha that was a laugh capt. cornhole

Rev Diane Van Dien
Rev Diane Van Dien

I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister in the SW portion of FL and if you wanted to get married on your way to Europe – I would love to volunteer my services – -you could pick a lovely beach anywhere from Naples to Venice – we used to tell our cruising sailing school students it was the Italian Tour! That’s an idea, too – charter a large sailboat for the wedding! My son and d-i-l are actors and live in Malibu – so I could also be available for CA. My 1st wedding was in CA in the MTNS for… Read more »


Captain cornhole, you’re a douche.

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