Evangeline Lilly is cheap

Evangeline Lilly was on Jay Leno last night and talked about being so cheap that she didn’t want to move out of her mold infested house even though it was making her sick.

“I bought a house last summer and ended up finding out it was completely mould infested. I was getting poisoned by the mould and therefore got very ill for four months, but I didn’t move, even though I knew there was something wrong because I’m just really cheap. If I have to pay a mortgage and rent, I am not a happy person. Eventually my illness overrode my thriftiness so I moved.”

Evangeline also hates tipping.

I’m pretty cheap, for the first three seasons on ‘Lost’ I refused to valet park my car because I didn’t want to tip.”I had two roommates in a tiny little bungalow for seasons two and three because that meant my rent was only $800 a month.”They pay us alright on ‘Lost’ so that has nothing to do with necessity, it’s just that I’m a miser!”

She’s right. Seven bucks to park my car and then tipping the guy when I could do it myself is dumb. Yea, thanks for taking 30 seconds to drive my car into a space 5 feet away in a desolate section of the parking lot you roped off. Hey, why don’t I pull my pants down for you too? That way you can rape me both physically and monetarily.

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14 years ago

I don’t like her she’s always complaining about everything! And she’s completly talentless.

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