Jenifer Aniston is mistaken

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are an item. At least, if you ask Jennifer Aniston. If you ask John Mayer, this is a summer fling. That shouldn’t be news to anyone but Jennifer because the two were spotted at poolside at Mandarin Oriental Hotel and while Jennifer seemed deeply engaged with John, John was distant and bored. OK! Magazine says:

This one-sided clinginess has raised concerns among Jen’s pals, who fear the 30-year-old singer/songwriter is, well, just not that into her.

“John says that Jen and he have a physical connection as deep as their spiritual one,” a pal of the Grammy winner tells OK!. “But he also said he’s categorizing this as a summer fling for now.”

Haha, that dope. She hasn’t been in a good movie since Office Space and her boyfriend is off banging other chicks while she sits at home knitting or petting her cats or whatever it is dumb, boring, lonely people do. She should just give up and be a waitress at TGIF. Then everyone can be like, “Hey, this is just like Office Space!” and Jennifer can be happy pretending she’s a big superstar.

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13 years ago


erma kennedy
erma kennedy
12 years ago

i want the best for jennifer and John they are a handsome couple. why are there so many offensive comments, are you just jealous? does your own life suck that bad? EJ

12 years ago

This JenJen ‘romance’ was engineered to pre-empt Jolie-Pitts mega-Cannes press, and the twin babies news. Count on it, within a few weeks it will fizzle out. They will “amicably separate”, a statement will be released from her publicist. The true movie stars Jolie-Pitt blew her miles away anyway. What a pathetic loser.

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