Jessica Simpson is single

TheseBootsAreMadeForStalking (creepy) is reporting that Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have broken up. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback was seen partying with his college buddies over the weekend where he declared his relationship with Jessica to be over.

“They’re broken up,” according to a pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. “He told us they broke up and that was that. We’re guys so we didn’t talk about it much.”

“[Tony was] having a blast playing Pop-A-Shot mini golf and bags,” according to a source. “He was with some football college buddies and drinking Grey Goose and Diet Cokes.”

Clearly enjoying the single life, Tony made his way to Manor nightclub where he was mobbed by girls.

“He was surrounded by girls,” according to an eyewitness. “We had to restrain some who forcibly tried to make their way to his table.”

Gosh, isn’t it awful? I know all too well about being mobbed by throngs of women. Like, yesterday, I was sitting in the park and this hot girl was walking straight towards me and then we were face to face, our lips inches away from each other, and then she walked straight past me. I almost grazed her arm! So close.

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