John and Jennifer have been, eh, who cares?

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have been dating longer than was previously believed says Page Six. The two have been seeing each other for at least three months before coming out as a couple. (They’re a couple?)

“They’d been keeping it under wraps and hiding out together on their dates,” said our source. “Then Jen realized it wasn’t just a fling and decided to take it public.”

John Mayer says this is a summer fling and Jennifer says it’s more than a fling. This sounds like it will end well. For me. With any luck we’ll see Jennifer Aniston break down in tears by the end of August, giving me at least two weeks of entertainment until the the new season of The Shield starts. Thanks Jennifer!

I know the header isn’t a picture of John and Jennifer, but, fine, I’ll change it.

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John Mayer
John Mayer
13 years ago

dude, i guess you got the wrong “Jennifer”

13 years ago

i think they are really in love. I love you Jen and John

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