John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston together again

Over the weekend, John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston met up once again to spark rumors of them being an item. The two were seen talking and kissing poolside at the Madarin Oriental Hotel in Miami. People reports:

Aniston, who is wrapping up the Miami portion of her new film Marley & Me with Owen Wilson, sat in side-by-side lounge chairs with Mayer, eating salads and talking softly with one another. At one point the singer, 30, whispered into Aniston’s ear, sparking a smile from the actress, 39.

Their quality time didn’t end there. Mayer and Aniston also attended the Miami wrap party Saturday night at Nikki Coconut Grove. Mayer shielded Aniston from photographers as she climbed out of the car. The couple kissed throughout the evening, enjoying ’80s music provided by the party’s DJ before calling it a night.

Over the weekend, I watched reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond and tried on clothes from my closet, but realized I had nowhere to go so instead, I surfed the web for porn and cried. See? My life is just as fabulous as John Mayer’s and Jennifer Aniston’s.

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15 years ago

Does Jennifer ever have to work? It’s like all she does is hang out in her bikini. From this angle, she does have a nice body.