John Travolta is helpful

John Travolta

Drew Petereson is an ex-cop suspected of killing his wife. His third wife drowned in an apparent homicide and his fourth wife disappeared. So it makes perfect sense that John Travolta would offer Drew legal help. TMZ writes,

Peterson’s lawyers say that Illinois State Police wanted prosecutors to nab the ex-cop on a weapons violation for carrying an AR-15 assault rifle illegally. But this snap that Peterson took with Travolta in 2000, they say, shows Peterson with the assault rifle while on duty, guarding John while on tour shilling “Battlefield Earth.”

In return, Travolta expects a little something. Sort of an “I scratch your back and you scratch mine. And sort of massage it. Mm, yea. That’s nice. Lower. Loooower. Here, let me turn over,” gentleman’s agreement.

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