Johnny Depp has a big wiener

Johnny Depp

Danforth Prince and Darwin Porter have published a book titled Hollywood Babylon: It’s Back. In it, they unleash a horde of information you thought you never cared about and lace their tome with full frontal shots of Mick Jagger, Daniel Radcliffe, Ewan McGregor, John Malkovich, James Woods, Richard Gere and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Basically, stuff you can find on the internet. But, they also claim Sean Connery and Johnny Depp have big dicks.

Sean Connery used to pose nude for art studies and one student said, “It was the biggest I’ve ever seen. It made me drop my charcoal pencil.” As for Johnny Depp, ladies will be interested to know that he was known as “donkey dick.” Which, when you think about it, is really insulting since I prefer they use my real name instead of my code name. So mean.

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