Laura Vandervoort is also a star

Laura Vandervoort is also filming The Reef with Audrina Patridge. Laura is way hotter than Audrina so that’s one of the better reasons to check out this straight to DVD sequel. Did I mention you get to see her in a bikini? Which… you can also do here. Oh jeez. This film is screwed.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

Not that most people object to eye-candy, but is there even a plot to this movie? Are they just going film the eye candy, then write a script and splice together some sort of plot revolving around that?

I’m pretty sure you can buy playboy videos like that, or catch that sort of thing late night on cinemax.

Bernard Lavilliers
13 years ago

I like a beach photo:)

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