Lindsay had a lover’s quarrel

Lindsay Lohan was seen crying at Crown Bar in West Hollywood after fighting with her long time girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Lindsay had to be comforted by Diana Ross’ son and Lauren Conrad.

“They had a full-blown fight,” said our spy. “Evan Ross, Diana’s son, and Lauren Conrad comforted her while Lindsay kept wiping her tears.” Lohan, who has been accused of stealing clothes lately, just recorded a song in which the lyrics go: “You got a problem with it? If I want it, I get it now.”

Knowing celebrities, this was probably over something stupid like a pair of socks or who took the last tampon in the women’s restroom. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Heidi Klum needs to give me a blow jay post haste. What? I don’t have time for your questions, Heidi. Just do it. The fate of the world lies within your mouth!

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