Lindsay Lohan is a thief

Offering proof that Dina Lohan belongs on Mingling Moms’ “Top 20 Long Island Mothers of Celebrities” list, the New York Post put up a story about how Lindsay Lohan stole some girl’s fur coat. A Columbia co-ed — this is start out really sexy — claims Lindsay stole her $11,000 blond mink coat during Stavros Niarchos’ private party at 1Oak on Jan. 26. Co-ed Masha Markova explained that she sat down next to Lohan, put her coat in a bin with other jackets and couldn’t find it when she decided to leave. The Post writes:

Two weeks later, Markova flipped through the Feb. 11 edition of OK! Magazine and couldn’t believe her eyes – Lohan was photographed the night of Jan. 26 wearing the very same fur coat.

“I was actually talking on the phone to my grandmother about something else, and then I flipped through the magazine, saw the picture said, ‘I need to call you back,’ ” Markova told The Post yesterday.

“It was my coat. It was no doubt!”

That’s when Masha put her little Sherlock Holmes detective hat on and busted out her bubble pipe.

The pretty co-ed said that in the ensuing days, she surfed the Internet and found several paparazzi photos of Lohan wearing the distinctive blond coat hours after the birthday party they had both attended.

Also, celebrity blogs posted pictures of the actress party-hopping that night – wearing a black coat before she arrived at 1Oak, Markova said.

Club owners vowed to get to the bottom of it, but several days passed with no call back, Markova said.

A-ha, Masha had her evidence.

That’s when her immigration lawyer, Merrill Cohen, called Lohan’s high-powered Hollywood attorney, Blair Berke, threatening litigation.

Hours later, Markova said she heard from 1Oak.

“They were very discreet, never mentioned a name or even the word ‘coat,’ ” Markova said. “They just said, ‘We’re going to bring you something.’ ”

The coat arrived at Markova’s Morningside Heights apartment two days later.

Reeking of cigarettes and booze with a slight tear in the lining, the fur coat was no worse for wear after a dry cleaning and quick patch-up.

Masha’s eyes quickly turned into dollar signs and now is demanding Lohan pay her $10,000 for “renting” the coat for three weeks. When contacted, a 1Oak rep said they weren’t sure where the coat was. Maybe there was a rip in the space-time continuum? Yes, that could very well be it. 1Oak should have just said that.

In any case, this just goes to show how nice Lindsay is. Obviously, she was only holding the coat for safekeeping. Lindsay’s actions are a credit to Dina’s parenting skills. Maybe tomorrow a story about how Ali Lohan kicked a homeless man in the face and stole his change cup will surface, further cementing Dina as Long Island’s number one celebrity mom.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

She reminds me of the drunk girl that would pass out at my buddy’s parties all the time, I would jerk off into my hand then wipe the cum in her hair. She never knew.

13 years ago

That girl is looking more like her mother all the time. Hard drinking and cigarettes. She really needs to take better care of herself.

Zero Xavier
Zero Xavier
13 years ago

Hey, just wanted to tell the writers of this article, GOOD JOB MANIPULATING THE FACTS!

Jess Wayne
Jess Wayne
13 years ago

Ha Ha, What a stupid little slut

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