Master the internet

…in 1997.

  • Bossip: Naomi has been charged with assault
  • Drunken Stepfather: More Mel B in a bikini
  • Bastardly: Tori Spelling doing what else? Eating
  • Celebslam: MacGyver got fat. Wonder if he can make a treadmill out of rubber bands and paper clips.
  • Celebitchy: Tyra Banks thinks she has a purpose. She does not
  • CityRag: Celebrities separated at birth
  • FHM: The top 20 action franchises
  • CoEd: The sexiest rock star spawn
  • College Humor: The mythical double knockout
  • ASL: Shia LaBeouf is on top of the world. Or Chateau Marmont
  • Dlisted: Britney has an offer
  • CS: Pete Doherty in concert
  • SOW: Christina Applegate is brazen
  • AB: Weinstein pisses off Tom Cruise
  • HB: Christina Aguilera rocks the vote
  • NinjaDude: Ashley Tisdale will eat your soul

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