Mischa Barton’s butt could be a topographic map

No way these topless sunbathing shots of Mischa Barton, 22, aren’t edited. Her ass and thighs look like the outside of a golf ball. They’re so dimpled NASA won’t even send an unmanned probe there. “Too cratery,” they said.

For comparison, her ass last year. As you can see, nowhere near this disturbing. So how did this happen? The Daily Mail says Mischa’s constant smoking may explain her premature cellulite. I think the answer is even simpler. It’s cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes. Baked and then fried. With Gummi Bears inside.

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13 years ago

photoshopped big time

13 years ago

In order for there to be cellulite there needs to be an unhealthy amount of fat on the body. Most skinny stars have no cellulite because the fact they do eat so fewer calories, smoke nonstop, and put their bodies through strenuous exercise. Mischa is someone I would consider emaciated and in fact needs to put on weight. It’s appalling that people in the entertainment industry put this much stress on people to be skinny and perfect. This world is changing thanks to several actresses that have defied the “hollywood standards” and have decided to keep their curves. People need… Read more »

alan kent
alan kent
8 years ago

She had just stood up from sitting in a beach type chair with porous nylon straps that had dug into her soft ass and caused the dipling

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