Update: Nick Hogan is in court

Nick Hogan

Update: The Judge said this was no “accident” and sentenced Nick Hogan to eight months in Penellas County Jail starting right now. In addition, his driver’s license has been revoked for three years and he’s not allowed to drink, but that shouldn’t be a problem since he’s only 17, right? I’d feel sorry for Nick, but you’ll be surprised to learn I’m really against dumbass drunks who race their cars down the highway and paralyze people.

Nick and the rest of the Hogan clan arrived at Pinellas County courtroom where Nick plead no contest for reckless driving involving serious bodily injury. The Grazianos want Nick to spend a year in jail and Nick’s lawyer is considering it with 5 years probation. TMZ has a live stream going on and are live blogging it. Highlights include:

  • The State wants Nick to admit that this wasn’t an accident. Moreover, the prosecution — through the family — wants him to do 5 years of probation and 500 hours of community service,
  • And Ed Graziano continues, saying that he spends 10 hours a day at the hospital with John, and that John will spend the rest of his life with mental and physical disabilities. Hulk is peering over at the Graziano family. Ed says that when Nick went to the hospital to see John, he looked totally bored, and even shot dart guns and skateboarded around the hospital! OMG!
  • Ashley says that Nick’s license plate COEHSP stands for “Capable of Eluding High Speed Pursuit.” Not anymore.
  • The Hulk — Terry Bollea’s his real name — steps up: He repeats that John G. was “like a son” and that they went on family trips. Hulk says they sent John PowerBars to Iraq.
  • Hulk busts his own show: “People think it’s reality, but it’s scripted!”

You hear that? They sent him PowerBars! Not granola bars. PowerBars. Like a son. Come on judge, don’t be a dick. And that license plate doesn’t mean what she said it means. It means, uh, crap. I got nothing.

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Bawreck Hussein Osama
Bawreck Hussein Osama

If you want to live, don’t get in a car with a drunk driver.


8 months is still not enough. I hope he becomes Bubba’s new girlfriend in jail.


Thats a Lambo behind him. Look upper left of the exhaust + lambo doors. Not a Supra. BS picture.

chris ferg

You spelled, “Penellas” wrong…its, “Pinellas”. Dumb.

this is from someone who’s live has been changed by a drunk driver. It doesn’t matter what your age is. If you think you are old enough to accept the oout come of what ever happens when you drink and drive then go right ahead.But I can tell you from years of experince that your life will never be the same again for the person you hurt.I think he should be made to help take care of his friend not only with money but hands on in person. For the rest of his life because that family has had something… Read more »

People make mistakes. But people should know not to get into cars with drunk drivers. That does not mean that I think Nick should stay out of jail. I think he should. But being 17 , he has the rest of his life to think of what he’s done. As a 17 year old girl, I know how if feel to mess up your life at a young age. I think he will learn and make right choices from now on… At least one could only hope.


I think that this is crazy. The kid should have buckled up and hello the two met because they race cars. Racing cars is what the two did for fun. They are both responsible for they way this turned out.


I’m am a member of a forum that Nick is member of also. I have always thought of him as a pretentious ass from the content of his postings.

I feel so sorry for his “friend”, whose life he has totally fucked up. The kid needs 5yrs minimum.

There is no excuse for drunk driving. He should be tried for attempted murder.

His father needs to beat that ass & not give him any car he wants.

So sad…


This is very upsetting. That poor guy has a whole in his head & these assholes are saying its karma! I used to like the Hogan’s, but that goes to show how fake reality tv is. If karma is real, we’ll watch the Hogan’s burn!

i think its all a sad situation Nick u think now u have been punishished just wait my friend you anit seen nothing yet your family has already been erased from TV i dont think your show gonna launch after you get out of jail whats this you called it “THE REAL NICK” ha ha my friend you r sooo wrong you know your DAD USED 2 B my hero on WWE but now thanks 2 u you have truly showen me that HOLLYWOOD TRULEY has no HEART!!!!!!!!! your all just about yourselfs even your stupid ass sister shes even… Read more »

I guess none of U idiots ever made a mistake when U where kids. U act like he new what was goin to happen and did it on purpose. He should pay for his mistakes now doubt but to talk about him like he is pure evil shows how stupid u really are!!!!!


I agree with LCJ everyone makes mistakes as kids, i sure know i did, but at the same time he should pay for what he did. The months of jail time he spent in solitary confinement is a good start. Im sure he didnt intend for any of this to happen. I hope the victims family can forgive him eventually

Tabitha Tussey_Ky girl

I feel the same way that LCJ does. It’s not like it was the first time that he has gotten in the ca with him. He also should have known that he was drunk when he got in the car with him. He now what could happen.


Who is Ashley in the interview?

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