Papa Joe likes to meddle

An old college buddy of Tony Romo told the Chicago Sun-Times that Tony’s breakup with Jessica Simpson was caused by a combination of not wanting to deal with the intense media scrutiny that comes with being Jessica’s boyfriend and being freaked out by Jessica’s dad Joe who started offering unsolicited career advice. Not mentioned is Tony feeling uncomfortable whenever Joe gave him his come hither eyes.

In addition, Romo’s friend said the talented QB has been put off by the intrusive style of Joe Simpson, who’s been ”not only telling Jessica every move to make, but now has begun to offer unsolicited advice to Tony on his career, endorsement opportunities and things that have nothing to do with him dating Jessica.”

Furthermore, Romo reportedly was very upset by Simpson’s interview in Glamour magazine where she referred to Romo as her ”future husband” and other on-the-record interviews she has given, saying she wants Romo to be the father to her children.

Furthermore, Us Weekly reports that even though Jessica and Tony are done, Joe is begging Tony to accompany Jessica tomorrow to Ashlee’s wedding. Romo seems to have relented and is flying into L.A. this weekend.

Meanwhile, Ashlee’s house is currently being set up with white tents for Saturday’s nuptials. Pete Wentz is said to be ecstatic with his choice of floral arrangements and has stated that the coconut wedding cake is “to die for.” Pete then merrily skipped away to double check the seating arrangements. What a gaywad.

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Bernard Lavilliers
13 years ago

Well here it is necessary to wish their of good luck in their marriage.

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

I much prefer to see a hot ass bouncing in my face during sex to seeing bouncing tits.

In her case, I would go for the tits.

Though, she comes off as lame sexually. And the cure for a lame f**k, is to flip them over and dry f**k their cornhole. They make real noise then.

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