PEOPLE is racist?


This is old news by now, but I’m still going to write about it because I have nothing better to do than be sarcastic on the internet. PEOPLE magazine recently ran a blurb about the up and coming Asian star Rain who hails from that distant land they call Korea. It’s been said he’s pretty big over there and apparently in America as well since he’s been edging out Stephen Colbert on Time’s 100 Most Influential People list. Anyway, the article has Rain’s thoughts on learning English, worldwide food and women. Naturally, PEOPLE accompanied this feature with a picture of Rain. Except, that isn’t Rain in the picture. It’s another Asian guy named Karl Yune, brother of Rick Yune. Somewhere out there Rain sighed, “Not again.” Although, in PEOPLE’s defense, it’s an easy mistake. They both have long hair and, of course, are Asian.

allkpop via smatterist

Bonus: A video of Stephen Colbert’s dance off with Rain.

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i read you everyday…as in everyday…i somewhat love and bask in your sarcasm..this is the first time i will be commenting on what you wrote..

i am an asian- and i am proud to be asian…i always had high regards amongst white people or brown people or black people- or any people-i just find it so tiring to have to tell all the world that all PEOPLE are equal. i hope nobody buys their magazine.

niGht kiD

Have u actually watched the movie!? All my friends enjoyed it.


I read The Blemish daily but I never really comment but I have to say something about this! PEOPLE is dumb. Do a background check dammit. Or Google his photos at least! Bi (Rain) is just too damn hot to be mistaken for someone else haha! Easy mistake? WTH? It makes people who aren’t Americans roll their eyes and say “LOL Typical.”


these two don’t even look similar!!!!!!!!!! Rain is so much better looking :( dumb people. And he’s been in so much and easy to Google. I hope the person who made the “mistake” gets fired. No wonder I hate People magazine and don’t read it.


Wasn’t that section of the article written by an asian Alexis Chiu?


Call them a racist if they get the wrong picture for Jackie Chan or Jet Li.

Almost nobody has heard of Rain in the west hemisphere. You are lucky they didn’t just put a rain cloud there.

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