Robert Lange made a very wise decision

Shania Twain

Shania Twain recently broke it off with her husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange, after he cheated on her (song coming soon). Today, PEOPLE posted a picture of the temptress that seduced Mutt away from Shania. Her name is Marie-Anne Thiébaud and she was a manager at Twain and Lange’s estate in Switzerland and their secretary and she’s incredibly hot and, what? Marie-Anne is on the right and Shania is on the left? Dear god, what have you done Robert, what have you done?!

  • thanxx

  • What a dumb ass. Looks like he’s having sex with an older version of her.

  • JoeyD

    Seems as if the man exchanged one ugly woman for another.

  • pd

    Come on please. Look at the rack on both of them and tell me why he was fooling around?

  • Jeff

    All I can say is …. Shania, ALWAYS buy C A N A D I A N!!

  • Jeff

    The guys name is MUTT for crying out loud …. what can you expect. Obviously MUTT was not a good communicator or it wouldn’t have been a surprise. BTW the picture looks like the ages should be reversed.

  • Puchkine

    You’re all hypocritical *ssh*les. So if he would have picked a “nicer model” it would have been OK or what?

  • ME

    **cheating is cheating looks DON’T matter!!**
    he should of kept it in his PANTS!!!!!!:O)



  • JR

    Anyone who says Shania is ugly was obviously not given eyesight. I have been following her for years, and she is so beautiful and pure. I love her smile, her glow, and there’s definitely no celebrity with her essence. Shania, if you ever want to test the waters on the “other side” you just let me know. :-) I’m sorry for the pain of being cheated on. I know what it’s like, and it is complete hell on earth. I will defend you until the day I die!

  • Dayton

    Looks like Mutt found another MUTT!!!!!

  • Jess

    Good god he lost the most beautiful thing in his life in exchange for a wrinkly old hag!

  • PussnBoots

    “You’re all hypocritical *ssh*les. So if he would have picked a “nicer model” it would have been OK or what?”

    Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity, Puchkine.

  • Austin

    Thank god for Shania Twain to get rid of ugly husband Robert “UGLY” lange. and to Robert Lange, congratulations finally u have found your dream match of what u deserve.

  • mrcup

    is he a fucking idiot or what.. when you cheat you are always supposed to CHEAT UP!

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