Scarlett sings and afternoon time wasters

Ahhhhh! Turn it off!

  • Celebslam: Pink went to the beach. This is why I never go
  • Asylum: Even stunning women look silly
  • CoEd: Monica Leigh is sexy
  • ASL: Lily Allen’s dad babysits her drunk ass
  • Dlisted: New Kids on the Block are back performing
  • CS: Shanai Twain is single
  • SOW: Beyonce a Desperate Housewife?
  • College Humor: Hitler sings The Jefferson’s theme
  • Celebwarship: Sucks to be OJ’s girlfriend
  • TC: Nobody watches American Idol
  • Sylvia

    Where does she get the idea that she can sing. That was terrible. If her CD is out not going to make it.

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