Spencer Pratt is a douche

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were being filmed dining at a restaurant in L.A. last night where the two jackasses had 12 shots of platinum Patron at $60 each among other things. Big baller Spencer covered the bill which amounted to $783 and graciously tipped the waitress $16. TMZ reports:

A camera crew was with the vomit-inducing twosome at the time — no surprise there — and our source says that when they stopped filming, the server approached a producer from the show about the measly tip. The producer forked over $60 from his own pocket to cover Spencer’s shortcomings.

I’m pretty sure Spencer thought the 2% tip was really generous and that when he pulled out $16 in pennies and threw it across the floor, he was only helping the waitress out because Spence thought she was a little chubby and she needed the exercise. What a humanitarian.

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Anthony Matta
Anthony Matta
12 years ago

when is this cock-sucker going to spontaneously combust on his own ass-holishness

9 years ago

Why don’t they just put him in a cage with Scott Disick and then find out who the bigger douchebag is?

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