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Lindsay Lohan

Iron Man over everything: If Iron Man is beaten out by Baby Mama or Made of Honor, then the world has failed you.

Britney Spears has advice: Britney, having been through a similar tumultuous and very public childhood, has reached out to Miley. “Britney is all too aware of the pressures of being famous so young and of having to maintain the image of a role model,” says an insider. “She has offered Miley her support and advice should she need it.” If Miley Cyrus accepts her invitation to talk, Britney requests she bring over two dozen cupcakes. Since, you know, she’s right there anyway.

Lindsay is not amused: A full page ad, which prominently features Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot, ran in USA Today attacking ignition interlocks, a device which locks your engine if you’re too drunk to drive. The ad reads: “Ignition interlocks, A good idea for: [Lindsay’s mugshot], But a bad idea for us: [pictures of drunk people having fun]” I’m not sure why alcohol companies want drunk drivers on the road, but Lindsay’s lawyer released this statement:

“USA TODAY is idiotic for running such an irresponsible advertisement, suggesting that drinking and driving is some kind of American ‘tradition’ we should protect. Not identifying that this ad was paid for by the liquor industry is profoundly reckless.

Drunk, old, white businessmen, drunk cougars out for girls night out, and drunk wedding parties should be kept off the roads of America. Lindsay Lohan fully endorses ignition interlock devices that have been well-proven to save lives.”

Picture scan via Gawker. Gawker also notes they spelled “Lindsay” wrong. Who can blame them? They were probably writing the copy while drunk driving.

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