Tom Cruise might want another baby

A source says Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are thinking of trying for another kid now that Suri has gone from cute and needy to just needy.

“She said she’s got the itch,” said a friend close to the pair. “Now that Suri is more toddler than baby, she said she misses having an infant in the house. And, of course, she thinks Suri would make a great big sister.”

Tom Cruise is delighted.

“He said if Katie wants to make another baby, she doesn’t have to ask twice,” said the pal of the power couple. “He always wanted more. It was Katie who has been holding off. Until now.”

They’re trying hard to make Tom Cruise look manly, but I still think he runs away crying whenever he sees the clitoris. I heard one time when a doctor told Tom that the penis has to go into the vagina to make babies, he turned ghostly white, curled up in the fetal position, covered his ears and started rocking back and forth.

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