Uma Thruman sued by Lancome

In April 2000, Uma Thurman signed a two-year deal with French cosmetics giant Lancome in which she would make $5.8 million for the first two years and $3.1 million for each additional year. The contract lapsed and Lancome affiliates continued to use Uma’s name and face to promote their products. Uma demanded $1 million for the unauthorized use. Now Lancome, in a surprise move, has filed suit against Uma Thurman. The suit alleges “the contract relieves the company of responsibility if third parties use her name and face after the contract lapses.” Uma’s lawyer responded with:

“I thought we were negotiating in good faith,” Fields said Thursday. “I guess the French decided to strike a pre-emptive blow.”

I was confused when I read this because initially I thought Lancome sued Uma for being so ugly. Evidently, that was not the case, but it should have been.

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