Wait, Dina Lohan is what?

Dina Lohan/The White Oprah has made Mingling Moms’ “Top 20 Long Island Mothers of Celebrities” list. Dina, always frothing at the mouth for more attention, will pick up her award on May 6 and at the same time, film scenes for her new reality show.

“A shot at more publicity? Please. Of course she’ll be there,” said a source who has known the Lohan family for years. The source said that Dina is taking her award quite seriously. “With her reality show, this couldn’t be better timing, especially from a publicity standpoint.”

What a great mother. So selfless. Was this list’s only requirement: “hasn’t killed their children”? If that’s the case, then they should really put Britney’s mom on there too. Sure, they aren’t from Long Island, her 16-year-old daughter is pregnant and her other daughter went from sexy songstress to cookie dough eating buffalo in just a few short years, but neither of them died. I mean, physically.

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