Afternoon time wasters

Jenny McCarthy

  • College Humor: Death defying slip n slide
  • ASL: Chicks with flesh wounds are hot
  • Dlisted: Britney is always to blame
  • CS: Jenny McCarthy speaks out about autism
  • SOW: Charlie Sheen’s wedding photo
  • Deceiver: Pete redefines vegetarianism
  • FHM: Red Socked
  • CoEd: Kanye West has a new girlfriend
  • Asylum: Paul Rudd hangs out on your computer screen
  • Cammy

    Who’s Pete? And why is he redefining vegetarianism?

    I know I’m a butthead. Just on typo-patrol. :-)

  • Pete is what I call PETA. We’re really good friends.

  • laura loo

    is that jenna jamison imitating jenny mccarthy?? please victor, say yes…

  • Sad to say it isn’t.

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