Anne Hathaway has sexy stories

Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell star in the soon to be released Get Smart and now is about the time they give a few funny anecdotes to promote the movie. Usually if there’s a sex or makeout scene in the movie actors talk about how nervous they were beforehand or the bad breath they had. Anne Hathaway has a different story. One much more gross.

“There was a health scare last year and a certain contact solution, I won’t say the name of it but it was the one that I use – gave you conjunctivitis,” Hathaway explained to Pop Tarts while promoting her latest stint as Agent 99. “I also had a sinus infection at the same time. So I had to go up to Steve, my eye is red, puffy and dripping green – I’m just like snotty and I’m just like … ‘Come here!'”

It wasn’t until after their intimate lip-lock that Hathaway discovered she had the highly contagious eye illness and had to make the dreaded call later that night to the film’s producer, Alex Gartner.

“I said you might want to call Steve and let him know I had pink eye and my tears kind of got in my mouth, so he might want to worry about that,” she said.

If I was Steve Carrell, I wouldn’t have mind. I’d be pretty excited actually. By the time I was through with Anne, I would have cleared the phlegm from her throat with my tongue. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I never got a callback for that one gig. The tongue thing might have been too much for a Wendy’s commercial. I’m just too edgy I guess.

If you’re wondering, Anne Hathaway was filming Bride Wars which explains her healthy orange glow.

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