Ashlee Simpson might be having twins

Update: Pete Wentz denies the twins rumor. He said he was tired when he made the slip.

“That was way wrong. I meant to say ‘the baby’ and said ‘them’ cos it was 7am.

“I can tell you we are absolutely not having twins. I totally mispoke ‘cos we dunno if it’s a boy or girl. I try to speak vaguely and I totally blew it on this one.”

Pete Wentz let slip on a radio interview that he and Ashlee Simpson may be expecting twins. Pete accidentally spoke of the baby or babies in the plural form. “We’ve been keeping a book so far, like a journal for them – for them when they’re, uh, born.” Pete then laughed nervously (giggled like a Japanese school girl) before ending the interview. Pete also talked about wanting to know the sex of the kid.

“I’d like to know the sex of the baby. It would be a bummer if you bought a boy a bunch of pink stuff!”

Pete Wentz wears eye liner, rocks girl pants and kisses guys. A pink room isn’t going to be the thing that screws this baby up. I feel sorry for the ass kicking this kid is gonna get when he shows up for school and offers advice to the other boys on the best way to tape your penis between your legs to fit into a tight pair of jeans. I’ll also feel sorry for the second ass kicking he’s gonna get when he tries to hide his black eye from the first ass kicking with concealer.

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