Ashley Tisdale doesn’t have AIDS

This rumor got past my crack team of researchers — which consists of two highly trained and highly cute puppies — but last week an unsubstantiated report that Ashley Tisdale contracted AIDS was put up on the world’s last bastion of truth, the internet. A prankster wrote:

…that Ashley, 22, had been diagnosed with the HIV virus, possibly acquired from “contaminated equipment” used during her Nov. 30 nose job. And the hoax didn’t stop there. Soon, new reports claimed she’d developed AIDS and had only six months to live.

Her rep flat out said the rumor was false, but it still left Ashley’s family “devastated” and now the parents of this odd looking girl are speaking out about this hoax and internet reporting.

“My daughter is healthy and just fine – but my husband and I just don’t know why anyone would spread such a rumor,” Ashley’s mom, Lisa Tisdale, 52, told Star at the family home in Toluca Lake, Calif. “And what really upsets me is that anyone can write anything, and it ends up on the Internet. It’s so irresponsible; so many people will just assume it’s a fact.”

A devastating blow to the credibility of the world wide web. Bloggers who reported this as fact are now scrambling to issue a correction. In about 2 – 3 weeks. Can’t get pushed out of Google and all that.

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13 years ago

It’s pretty simple, mom—–people write this stuff because they’re scumbags without much of a life. You don’t have to look for a reason beyond that.

12 years ago

ashley i love your songs more kiss the one you were so geat on high school musical i like high school musical 3 you are so preety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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