Aww, poor Nick

Yesterday, Nick Hogan’s lawyers filed a motion requesting Nick be released from solitary confinement. They argued that he is being wrongfully held in solitary for 17 hours a day and being held in maximum security was causing him “unbearable anxiety.” As an alternative, Nick wants to be placed under house arrest until his 18th birthday.

On Tuesday, a judge denied Nick’s request. He will continue to serve the rest of his eight months in the Pinellas facility.

I don’t know what that crazy judge was thinking. House arrest would have been better. That way Nick can think about what he’s done while lounging around his one million acre estate complete with pool, a basketball court, friends and other amenities that would instill fear in even the most hardcore of inmates. When I went to Pinellas County Jail to ask Nick’s friends how they would feel about serving the remainder of their sentence in Hulk Hogan’s mansion, one of them said they would rather be shanked in the kidney while another said I had a “purdy” mouth.

Photo: SplashNewsOnline

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