Diddy knows how to party

P. Diddy or Sean Combs or Diddy or whatever is known for throwing legendary parties so it’s no surprise The Daily Mail went to Diddy for party planning tips. The tips are pretty much what you’d expect. Make sure you invite a good range of people, pay attention to the details, make sure you have good food, drink, music and lighting. Oh, and most importantly, be sure to wax your balls and dab them with cologne before you head out.

Then I’ll have a manicure and pedicure — and yes, I wax as well. Grooming’s very important and men owe it to women to make sure they’re well groomed.

I wax my privates. I’ll also wear my fragrance, Unforgivable Black. You can tell a lot by a man’s fragrance, and either you have good taste or you can smell like your grandfather. In everything I do, I visualise myself either putting clothes on or taking them off.

To summarize: Step 1: Invite people, Step 2: Prepare the venue, Step 3: Wax balls, Step 4: Cry in pain Have fun?

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