Entertainment Tonight is hoping they’re right

Entertainment Tonight is sticking with their story that Angelina Jolie has already given birth to her twins. They say they want to “see how this story plays out” before they think about issuing a correction. According to others, Angelina is supposed to be due in August, but reports from ET last week claimed the twins arrived early. PEOPLE magazine and Us Weekly went to their own sources who denied the rumors. Angelina’s rep also denied this happened. Other indications that ET is wrong include no grandparents flying in, no flowers being delivered and Brad Pitt attending a sporting event over the weekend, “an unlikely spot for a new father of premature twins.”

The AP says it’s not entirely ET’s fault that they’re wrong as they may have been tricked by an impostor pretending to be Angelina’s personal assistant.

The show initiated its own contact with Goline after hearing rumors the babies had been born in France, said the executive. The person who made the contact was an “ET” producer who had worked with Goline while at CNN and kept Goline’s e-mail address, the executive said. The executive forwarded an e-mail exchange that appeared to support this version of events.

In the e-mails, Goline — or the impostor — said she was there for the deliveries and everyone was doing well. Pressed by “ET” for more information, the person said she could say no more.

When ET posted the story, there was said to be “pandemonium” at the offices of Us Weekly. I know exactly how Us felt. There was pandemonium in my office as well. I dropped my contact and I must have spent 30 minutes crawling on the floor looking for it.

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