Execs have ideas on The Green Hornet

Seth Rogen is currently penning and will most likely star as the titular character in the film adaptation of The Green Hornet set to be released in summer 2010. Although a director has yet to be chosen, executives already have a few ideas on who should play Kato, a role made famous by Bruce Lee. A tipster wrote to AAM.

This week is the big Licensing Show in NY.

I can’t tell you what industry I’m in, but we met with a studio this week to discuss possible licensed products for an upcoming Green Hornet film. Now, I must preface this by saying the film is still being written, so things can change, but what I’m relating to you is what was presented to a group of 12 of us (from several different companies) by the studio executives.

The Green Hornet will star Seth Rogan as The Green Hornet. He will be totally inept, a bit like Inspector Cleuso . Kato will actually be the hero, but he saves everyone, including The Green Hornet, without TGH ever realizing its not he himself doing it.

So this is where it gets interesting, I will refer to the executives as executive 1 and 2, and the potential licensors as PL 1, 2, and 3:

PL1: So who would play Kato?

Executive1: We’re thinking a Chinese actor, possibly Rain.

PL2: Rain isn’t Chinese.

Executive1: No, I think he is (looks at Executive2 who is nodding in agreement)

PL2: No, I’m actually positive he isn’t. He’s Korean.

Executive2: Well, he’s one of those. That’s just one option.

Executive1: The other option is, get ready, Will Smith!

PL3: Will Smith? Will Smith isn’t Asian.

Executive1: (Bursting with excitement) I know, that’s the twist!

The meeting then went one to discuss an upcoming live action / CGI Smurf movie involving an interdimensional portal and an abusive Father.

The writer’s strike has really messed up Hollywood.

Just wanted to share that.

Sure, they could stay true to the popular tv show and get an Asian actor to play the part, but, dude, Will Smith. He’s, like, so totally dreamy and ladies love him. He’ll revitalize Kato. They can change his back story as well. Instead of Britt Reid aka Green Hornet saving him in the “Far East”, he could save him from an inner city gang. Most likely in Compton. It’ll be so touching or, rather, dope as the kids say. Kids still say that, right? Whatever. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? They should do this to all movies. Like, that Sex and the City movie should have starred Britney Spears and instead of wearing designer clothes and talking about sex, they should have just filmed her sitting, eating KFC, scratching her ass and burping. What a twist!

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B. Boy
B. Boy
14 years ago

Uh… why is Seth with porn star, Tera Patrick?

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