Hulk Hogan does Larry King Live

Hulk Hogan went on Larry King live yesterday to talk about his son, Nick’s, jail sentence and those recently released conversations he had where he called John Graziano a negative person. Hulk said the tapes were taken out of context and the media is obviously putting a negative spin on it. Hulk claimed Nick “wasn’t into drag racing, he’s into precision driving.” About the tapes where he believed John Graziano must have done something bad for God to punish him, Hulk said:

“I was trying to explain to him that it’s in God’s hands, in God’s will.”

“Did I say things wrong? Yes. I said them incorrectly.” He blamed it on being distraught and a lack of sleep and said he was “trying to give Nick some relief.”

People can only speculate on what John did wrong to deserve this. Nick was frequently pulled over for speeding, possibly endangering the lives of others and he made it out alright. John must have done something horrible for God to turn him into a vegetable. Like jaywalking or “sampling” a gummi bear at the grocery store. You know, crazy, danger-to-society type stuff.

Caps of the interview here.

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