George Clooney is said to have dumped Sarah Larson last month, who supposedly found out about it through a magazine, because she ignored his advice on not getting a boob job. In Touch Weekly writes:

“George really didn’t want her to get the boob job. Although she asked George if she could do her recovery at his house and he agreed.”

“She likes her new body so much that she would consider posing for Playboy. Now that she’s famous, she would never go back to waitressing.”

I read this as “man dumps pretty girl with big boobs.” This is madness. This can’t be. People don’t dump attractive females because they have big breasts. It… it was probably an ill conceived excuse to move on. “I have to end this. Your, uh, boobs are too big.” “My boobs are too big?” “Wait. No.” At that point, George’s penis probably put its hands on its face and shook its head in disbelief and whispered, “You idiot.”

But, Playboy, huh? Aim for the stars I guess. As they say, today, Playboy! Tomorrow, irrelevancy!

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