Keanu Reeves has been busy

Keanu Reeves

No one has heard from Keanu Reeves lately. He had that movie Street Kings which came and went. Other than that, he hasn’t done much. Possibly because he’s been hanging out with China Chow, the topless girl in these pictures. If I was Keanu, I wouldn’t do much either if this chick was walking around naked all the time. The most I’d do is get up out of my chair all hunched over trying to hide my erection to get a glass of water. Pictures NSFW.

kr china 01kr china 02kr china 03kr china 04kr china 05kr china 06kr china 07kr china 08kr china 09kr china 10

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
12 years ago

exhibit A: The Grand-daddy of the EMO boys.

exhibit B: Half naked chick.

The half naked chick speaks for herself. Hot, topless, a tight little bod.

Grandpa EMO, isn’t grabbing her ass, tweeking her nipples, OR trying to force her go snorkeling for his cock under water????

That’s not class or self restraint:
Keanu is so busy being a brooding EMO boy that he’s missing the girl!

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