Lindsay Lohan pulls out of Emmy race

Lindsay Lohan took a page out of Katherine Heigl’s “How to be a Bitch” playbook, albeit with a lot less bitch, and dropped her name from the pool of possible Emmy Award nominees. Lindsay made a brief appearance on Ugly Betty last season, but decided to wait until she returns next season for a longer stint to be considered for an Emmy.

Did Lindsay ever have a chance of being nominated? This is like me saying I’m pulling out of the race for the presidency. I just don’t think our country can handle a leader as sexy and charming as me. Meetings would consist of secretaries flirting with me and diplomats playing footsies with me. How can I possibly get any work done? It just isn’t feasible.

[Lindsay on the set of Labor Pains. Image via Splash News]

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13 years ago

Poor Lindsay, she probably knew people would be pissed if she won after just one episode…. in light of her personal problems and such…

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