Matthew McConaughey is protected

Paparazzi were at the beach trying to capture footage of Matthew McConaughey surfing when locals became agitated and started a fight. TMZ says:

After a beachgoer chucked a beer bottle at one of the paps on the shore, an all-out brawl took place by the water — ending with some badly busted-up faces and a lot of ruined camera equipment.

In the video you can hear the surfer telling the paparazzi to get a real job. The pap said he has a real job and asked him what he does. To which the surfer replied, “I drink beer and party.”

Surfers make no sense. They think they’re clever by saying this stuff, but they probably don’t know how stupid they sound. Next time you go to the beach and see a violent gang of surfers like this you should inform them of this fact. If all goes according to plan, they will thank you for pointing this out and maybe treat you to a beer or two for making them a better person.

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