Matthew McConaughey knows how to party

Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camila Alves are expecting their first child any day now. Naturally, this makes it the perfect time to head on over to Nicaragua, get drunk and grope and hit on girls. Star Magazine writes:

“He was acting like an out-of-control 18-year-old,” claims an eyewitness who was at the bar. “He already seemed to be drunk when he arrived alone, and he only got worse from there on. He was putting the make on every woman in his path, throwing his arms around them and trying to kiss them, and trying to dirty-dance with a few out on the floor. But he was a mess, slurring his words and stumbling around.

“A few minutes after he finally left the bar, someone found him searching through a sewage ditch outside. When they asked him what he was doing, he mumbled, ‘I’ve lost my flip-flops!'”

If it’s any comfort to Camila Alves, at least Matt wasn’t searching for a dead hooker in that sewage ditch. Amiright? Hey, why are you sobbing? What did I say?

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13 years ago

I spend a lot of time in San Juan Del Sur and I love the people there, but I think it sucks that the locals sold this story. I live in hacienda iguana and it is a gated community with great surf breaks. I hope that this incident doesn’t make the people who go to Nicaragua to hide away from the press stop coming down. Think about it locals we all make mistakes. Come up to Iguana if your looking for privacy! We mind our own……

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