Morning time wasters

The Love Guru

  • Pajiba: The Love Guru wants you to laugh, PLEASE? A chortle even?
  • Hollywood Rag: DMX has more booking photos than hits
  • CNW: Burnt Sienna
  • Yeeeah: Linda Hogan is an idiot
  • WIMB: Colin Farrel was let out of his internment camp
  • Popbytes: Gwen Stefani – cutest pregnant lady ever?
  • Grumpiest: Michelle Hunziker does the bikini
  • Celebparasite: Miranda Kerr on the runway

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Herman Bumfudle

i don’t know what jessica alba’s fascination is about this love guru guy. but its kinda interesting, and if nothing else, i’ve got to see if she’s criticizing him.

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