Nick Hogan did this

Nick Hogan

The Superficial posted the video that the Grazianos recently released of John’s daily rehabilitation at the hospital. If you missed out on those pictures of the hole Nick put in John’s head, you can check out this uncensored video. It’s set to some of that crazy rock & roll music which is slightly more appropriate than the La Cucaracha music they initially thought about syncing it with. Warning: Disturbing video after the jump.

  • Kunta Kinte

    [Shameless Ass Kissing]I visit the Superficial often and I must say that this site is better.[/Shameless Ass Kissing]

  • Alison

    Oh my GOD…..this puts a WHOLE new light on the thing. I mean, I know that celebrieties always get away with murder ar it is, but this is SO disturbing! It’s not like anyone can ever proove it WASN’T Nick driving. And HOW long (short) of a time is he sentenced? NOT long enough. And it would be different if he seemed a little bit remoreful (stupid, negligent accident DO happen), but COME ON! Look at the shit-eating grin on his face! This country/system is SO f___ed up! Her’s not going to learn SQUAT from this! He already seems unphased. Sick, rich, spoiled, untalented brat.

  • You sure do know how to make a man blush

  • Erica

    I can’t stand Nicks face. It bothers me to the core. It’s one of those faces that make you cringe. Fucking punk.. damn it. Poor John.. no one deserves that. It really is devastating this was done to him..

  • KAT


  • kaddi

    what the hell?! are you sure this video ist real? I mean.where is his brain? all I can see is a HUGE HOLE. how could this be possible??HOOOW? If that person was my son I would KILL the f*********** driver!!!!!!!

  • anon69

    Poor Linda Hogan is the one suffering people-she’s the one who has to go to the beach alone since little Nicky is being picked on and was sent to that nasty jail. It’s ALL John’s fault for being so damn negative!!

  • Michelle S.

    People, The first thing is yeah the family of this young man should be able to grieve, but you also have to realize that this is not what nick wanted to happen to his friend. The death threats, I believe should be stopped and I hope they catch the man and prosecute him for even caliing the hogans and saying those awful things! Yeah I have sympathy for both families, nick will do his time, but he does not deserve to be hurt in any form because of this! This was not premeditated as nancy grace calls it which she has no right, that is stirring up trouble for the hogan family and I know for a fact that they wish this never would have happened to the grazianos or anyone for that matter. Yeah I think it’s a money thing. you all should be there for the young man in the hospital and stop the cruel behavior. Grow Up.

  • pixie

    Jesus Christ that is one of the worst things I have evver seen how can that guy still be alive? What kind of quality of life does he have?

  • Kinger

    I think they are both responsible but who bought the alcahol for them. That person should be forced to physically care for Graziano.

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