Ruslana Korshunova comitted suicide

20-year-old model Ruslana Kurshunova recently graced the covers of French Elle and Russian Vogue and seemed to have a very bright future ahead of her. Many in the industry hailed her as the next big thing and she seemed to have a genuine thirst for life. Which makes it quite shocking that, yesterday, Ruslana jumped to her death from the ninth floor of her New York Water Street apratment building in the Financial district in the middle of the afternoon. Police found no signs of a struggle and deemed it a suicide. According to the Post:

“We were talking on the phone last night,” she said. “She loved life so much. She was an angel.”

Titeneva, who grew up in her pal’s hometown, said Korshunova “wasn’t wild. She was never on drugs or anything.”

Another friend said that Korshunova seemed to be “on top of the world.”

“There were no signs,” said the pal who did not want to be named. “That’s what’s driving me crazy. I don’t see one reason why she would do that.”

The New York Daily News contends that early warning signs were evident on her Facebook page months prior.

Korshunova’s most telling message came three months ago: “I’m so lost. Will I ever find myself?”

She appeared angry in some postings, brokenhearted in others.

“I’m a bitch. I’m a witch. I don’t care what you say!!!” she wrote March 11. “I know what it is. I know why my other relationships didn’t work out, ’cause I’m unpredictable. Why are you afraid of it?”

In January, she wrote, “It hurts, as if someone took a part of me, tore it out, mercilessly stomped all over and threw it out.

“My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow it is too high,” she wrote in a March note.

This is very sad. Although, I kind of know what Ruslana was going through. I’m very beautiful myself and sometimes I wonder why people can’t see past my looks and love me for my inner beauty, not just my bulging biceps, kissable lips and rock hard abs.

Up top is the FOX News coverage of her suicide. Sort of NSFW because you can see the body. I’m glad to know that while everyone is mourning, FOX News is happy to pick up where left off. Live Leaks just isn’t the same.

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