Snitches get stitches

A few days after Anne Hathaway broke up with Raffaello Folleri, he was suddenly arrested for a $6 million real estate scheme. The New York Daily News now suggests Anne Hathaway may have been the one to rat out her ex to the FBI.

“It makes sense,” the friend said. “She’s referred to as his former girlfriend in the indictment even though her spokesman never confirmed they broke up.”

“I think that in return for her cooperation, the feds held off on arresting Follieri until she was out of the country,” the friend said.

This is a scary thought. That someone could betray a person so close to them. To think, my counterfeit Hello Kitty empire could be brought down by just one woman. Thank God this will never happen to me. Not because I don’t have a girlfriend, but because imaginary people can’t talk.

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