So, it was drugs? Shocking

Amy Winehouse checked into a hospital a few days ago after she fainted for no reason. A lot of you suspected it was drugs. It turns out a lot of you were right. You guys should be doctors. After a barrage of tests, physicians discovered that Amy Winehouse has an irregular heartbeat possibly caused by her “massive overdose” from last summer.

SUN Doctor Carol Cooper said: “Crack narrows blood vessels and raises pressure. It is toxic to the heart muscle, causing an irregular beat.

“A heart attack is one of the most common ways for the drug to kill. But if Amy’s lucky, she’ll feel much better in 48 hours.”

Amy’s family says they are intent on keeping her in the hospital to finally ween her off drugs. It’s not going to work. By now, you could probably get high off Amy Winehouse’s sweat. Which explains why so many kids have been grabbing Amy by the waist and trying to lick her back.

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13 years ago

“48 hours” sounds like an awesome song for her next album. i’m claiming copyright. that’s right, royalties, bitches!!

13 years ago

They should have fixed her teeth and done any “nose” repairs that are required. We’re all supposed to have two nostril not one big gaping one with white powder hanging out of it. Ripping the rats nest off her head would have been excellent too!! I could stop going to therapy if they did that.

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