Someone is lying

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have been dating for a while and even though John says this is a fling, Jennifer doesn’t mind. Why? Because a friend of the singer says he’s great in bed.

“John is good in bed,” a pal of the 30-year old singer-songwriter tells OK!. “Not just good, but sensational. Every girl I know who has slept with John says it was the best sex of their life. I’m not sure what exactly he does in bed, but after girls sleep with him, they’re ruined. They get totally hung up on him and want more! Whatever John’s secret is, he should market it. He could retire from the music industry.”

Whatever. John Mayer probably told OK! this in an email. It’s inapplicable to this situation anyway. Jennifer Aniston is boring. Her favorite sexual position is with the guy on top wearing a Brad Pitt mask while she sobs into her hands. Dirty talk to her is asking if you’re done yet. I’m not exaggerating when I say having sex with a corpse would be more exciting than having sex with Jennifer Aniston.

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Graphics Deluxe
13 years ago

Sounds like someone (the author of this post) is bitter because she doesn’t have a boyfriend and jennifer does..stop calling her boring..why is she boring? Is it because she doesn’t sleep around like Paris Hilton? Or maybe it’s because she doesn’t have non-stop DUI’s like Lindsay Lohan? So let me get this straight, a woman isn’t a slut, doesn’t party day and night, keeps her business private and she is boring? Your just pissed because she gives u nothing to talk about, so you can make money off humiliating her!! Keep reporting about Brangelina, they give you tons of stupid… Read more »

13 years ago

Are you kidding me, dildo? Fucking that woman would be like sticking your tiny penis into an electrical socket. Sure, it’s exciting at first, but it’ll quickly turn into a bunch of crying and wondering why you bothered in the first place. Sounds like someone (the person who made the first comment) is angry because they looked into the mirror this morning and saw a bag of douche.

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