Tea Leoni does the bikini thing

Tea Leoni

With the release of the X-Files sequel looming ever so ominously, it only makes sense that pictures of David Duchovny’s wife, Tea Leoni, in a bikini surface. As the old saying goes, “To properly whore out one’s movie, one must whore out one’s wife,” or something to that effect.

  • Bambi

    Exercise to the viewer:

    1.) Rent a copy of Bad Boys.
    2.) Freeze the video when Tea Leoni’s face is on and looking straight ahead.
    3.) Put your hands in front of you, obstructing her hair and leaving only her face.
    4.) Convince yourself that she does not look eerily like Tom Cruise.

  • Deb

    Her upper body looked like Tom Cruise back then too, because she hadn’t bought those boobs yet.

  • LOL

    Or Adam Sandler LOL

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