The Bravo A-List Awards happened

Bravo’s A-List Awards took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom Wednesday night and it sounded more like a dysfunctional family reunion than an actual awards show. The whole show was pretty much a circle jerk for D-listers.

Kathy Griffin hosted and being the “hip” and “with it” comedian that she is, told jokes about Miley Cyrus getting VD and about Mariah Carey being old. She also said some other stuff, but I’m too tired to type it so I’ll just quote Page Six. Pay close attention to the swearing. Notice how Kathy becomes 10 times more edgy when she throws those f-bombs:

“That motherfucker George Clooney ruined it for all of us,” she yelled. “He decided to donate his Oscar bag to some bullshit environmental organization and ruined it for me.”

Griffin, currently on the cover of A Bear’s Life – a magazine dedicated to macho, “furry” gays known as “bears” – admitted she watched “Living Lohan” and is obsessed with Dina and Ali Lohan.

“I wish I could have had a manager mom out at clubs fucking guys to get me roles,” Griffin cracked. “My mom’s at home drinking a box of wine.”

There’s a magazine dedicated to hairy gay guys? You’re goddamn right there is. The pinnacle of achievement for any actor or actress is to grace the cover of A Bear’s Life and Kathy Griffin has done it. She’s made it. In the venerable words of Kathy, “FUCK YEA!!” But Kathy Griffin wasn’t the only one happy, Lauren Hutton was too. If you can’t see the video of Lauren’s acceptance speech up above after receiving a lifetime achievement award, let me or rather, let Page Six, yet again, describe it. It rivaled that of Halle Berry’s Oscar meltdown.

Actress Lauren Hutton, who accepted a lifetime achievement honor, slurred that she hadn’t slept in 46 hours, rubbed her crotch with the big silver award and mumbled “sluts” on stage.

After that, one clap turned into thunderous applause. Wow. The Bravo A-List Awards sounds like the classiest show out there. It makes the Oscars look like a used up whore. With VD!

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Uncle Paulie

This was absolutely the worst awards show I’ve ever attended, and the Lauren Hutton thing was so weird. You think the celebs were all D-List, you should have been in the mezzanine! Oy vey!

maggie mae
maggie mae

Kathy is a riot….what a honor being on the Bear mag. They do so love her.


Did Kathy Griffin really fall when she was judging the Top Chef skit?
It looked like a real fall to me. She handled it like a pro and pulled herself up really quick. It looked like she might have really hurt herself though.
What do you readers think?

sara h
sara h

was it real or planned??? i watched it a few times and can’t tell. would really like to know.

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