Alec Baldwin doesn’t care about your heart surgery

Alec Baldwin is out promoting his divorce memoir, A Promise to Ourselves, and turned bitchy when Diane Sawyer had to reschedule four times because of her husbands heart surgery.

“Diane’s people couldn’t believe how angry Baldwin got,” says a source. “She was running back from the hospital!” A friend of Baldwin says, “The interview was rescheduled at least four times. Then the air conditioning wasn’t working. Alec was a little annoyed, but not with Diane.” Sawyer’s rep says: “Alec couldn’t have been more gracious or considerate to her.” All’s well that ends well: Baldwin and Sawyer got on so famously, they’ll do a second interview before the story airs on “20/20.”

To be fair, Diane Sawyer is a rude, thoughtless little pig. It’s not like she’s performing the surgery herself. You better believe that when the cameras turned off, Alec straightened her ass out, that rotten pig.

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