Amy Winehouse is all better

Amy Winehouse

After a mere 10 days in a London clinic, Amy Winehouse checked herself out on Monday. Guess what she did after? If you said, “went home to relax,” then you’ll be slightly embarrassed because she actually went out and partied until 4:30 a.m.

The beehive-wearing pop star is said to have insisted on leaving the clinic before heading to live music venue, The Monarch in Camden, north London, then out to grab a late night snack. She eventually went home to carry on partying with friends.

Scientists should study Amy Winehouse to figure out why she hasn’t died yet. A good test to run is to stick her with a bunch of dirty needles. I haven’t figured out what to do after that, but I’m 100% sure the needle thing is the first step.

  • chewy

    she has a lot of wrinkles near the armpit and breasts. and why is she holding a slim jim?

  • Jay

    the world will be a better place one death at a time, seriously though how does this woman have fans? She is a total mess and horrible to look at.

  • Amy Winehouse can recover from drug addiction in days or weeks so it is up to her.

  • Tongy

    Her breast looks all saggy and weak. Yuckz ~

  • Fillup

    Poor girl will be dead soon.

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