Andy Dick just got scarier

Andy Dick Mugshot

Before, Andy Dick was just a weird, attention-starved Hollywood celeb. And really, is there any other? We would just laugh along at his antics. Oh look, Andy’s groping Ivanka Trump. There’s Andy getting wasted in LA.

Now that we have his mug shot, we need to stop the jokes or risk getting shanked. This guy looks like a skinnier Robert Deniro. He’s no longer the funny crazy guy you patronize at keg parties, indulging him by listening to his government conspiracy stories. He’s now the crazy guy who makes you wonder how you’ll survive when he knifes you in the neck. If this picture was animated, you’d expect to see Andy making like Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver, pointing an imaginary gun at you and clicking the trigger.

Guest contributor: Captain Swarthy

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spot on w/ the deniro resemblance. scary.
“you talkin’ to me? you talkin’ to me?”


wow! look at that butt chin! omg he is such a loser!

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