Anne Hathaway’s private diaries confiscated by the FBI

Rush & Molloy are reporting that the feds have raided Raffaello Follieri’s $37,500 a month Trump Tower condo and confiscated Anne Hathaway’s journals. Ever since Raffaello was charged with 11 counts of fraud and money laundering, Anne has cut off all contact with him and changed her phone numbers. I guess she forgot to pick up her diaries which was for some reason at his place.

According to friends, he still wonders whether Hathaway, 25, helped put him behind bars. “He was in Europe, working on a deal,” says a source. “He didn’t have to come back to New York. He knew he was being investigated. But she kept calling him, saying they needed to resolve their future. A few days after his return, he was arrested.”

Anne Hathaway’s personal diaries may prove much more interesting and informative than my personal diaries I had that the FBI confiscated a while ago. Every entry just says, “I’m so pretty.” Although, one time I wrote, “I’m so, so pretty,” but I must admit I was feeling really good about myself that day.

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