Ashlee Simpson is having a girl

Star Magazine via a source says that the due date for Ashlee and Pete’s baby will be Oct. 31 and that it’ll be a girl. “When Pete heard he might have his baby on Halloween, he went nuts. For an emo-rocker type like Pete, that would be just too perfect!”

Oh, if you were wondering if Pete could be any gayer, he can. “The daddy-to-be is so excited about his daughter’s arrival, he’s even taken up a new hobby – sewing baby clothes!” I just don’t know, man. I want to hit Pete Wentz, like, punch him so hard he stumbles backwards in a daze and falls flat on his ass and poops himself, but I was taught never to hit a girl and I’m a gentleman. And also, Pete might start crying like a little baby. You gonna cry wike a widdle baby Pete? Huh? Are ya?

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